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Max Stavron -  VP of Operations  Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF


Here are some down and dirty sound clips done in early winter 2014, by our head operations guy, Max Stavron. They have been installed into a beautiful 2011 Les Paul R9, equipped with our complete '59 Wiring Harness, Pots, PIO Caps, etc... The guitar was played through a "Plexi" type amp and an Egnator 2X12 Cab. Note that once the amp's settings were dialed in, nothing was changed, moved or altered in anyway. Any changes in tone are controlled completely from the guitar by changing the switch positions, the volume and tone knobs, and how dynamically the guitar was played (attack).

Intro Riff on both pickups Crunchy - Bridge Volume at 9, Neck at 7 - Tones both at 8-9
Similar Riff demo'ing heavy sound with well defined note and string definition
Same end of Riff as above just single notes to demo individual clear low notes
Just the Bridge Pickup - Volume on 10, Tone at around 9
Just the Bridge Pickup - Volume on 9, Tone at around 5
Just the Bridge Pickup - Volume on 9, Tone at around 0
Just the Neck Pickup - Volume on 10, Tone knob at around 10
Just the Neck Pickup - Volume on 10, Tone knob at around 0 ... amazing neck woman tone
Both Pickups (Center position) - Both Volume knobs dialed back to around 5, Tones at 8 or 9
Both Pickups - Slight variation on settings to demo dynamic sounds attained with pick attack

Our most sincere thanks goes out to Tim Drake for helping us record these clips, his engineering prowess, and all his assistance and great advice. Keep an eye on this page for video demos, trade reviews, etc... More Coming Soon!


Description of the PAF sound that we have created for you in our TRU-CLONES PAF Pickups:

Chimey, bell-like, articulate, mean when pushed, smooth when rolled off, clear and crisp with lots of string definition… 3D holographic harmonic overtones that bloom and rise with tons of sustain and that sweet upper mid-range, with that slightly microphonic  effect that lets you hear a well defined pick attack, fat and complex, tons of grunt and growl when distorted, woody smooth and airy in the neck position… sparkling and crisp in the bridge, with lots of punch and tonal definition… even on the lower bass strings!

... Les would be proud!  

Tom Doyle was Les Paul's personal guitar tech, luthier, co-inventor, soundman, confidant, and "fixer" for 45 years... right up until the time of Les' passing. Suffice it to say that all that time at the side of "The Master" has given Tom the experience and know how that no one else on the entire planet can possibly have. He and Les Paul worked together refining and redefining what an electric guitar could and should sound like... a true labor of love that still lasts till this day. Now you can have a piece of that history. Many have come along and attempted to recreate the sound, look, feel, and tone of the famous '57 PAF Humbucker that is "the sound" in every tone chasers head throughout the world... and some have come close, others not so close. However, none have had the first hand knowledge, the actual day-to-day first person experience and the hands on background that Tom Doyle has. Tom is nothing less than a walking, talking historical encyclopedia of all things Les Paul, guitars, electronics, sound, and musical history from the last 50+ years... from the artists to the instruments, to the gear they were using, to the experiments they tried, and everything in between!  Tom has been called "The Luthier to the Stars".

As close to THE REAL PAF you can get without spending thousands of dollars!


These pickups are hand made, one at a time in the USA with the very best & highest quality vintage correct components available. Get yours now... Supplies will be limited.



When you get a set of these Limited Edition Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF '57 Humbuckers... Your Tone Quest just might be over!

These Vintage '57 PAF Humbucker Pickups are spot on Vintage recreations of the originals... Undeniable '57 PAF reproductions in every single way. Cosmetically of course – with all the proper Vintage components, electronics, all of it... The vintage 42 gauge wire, the butyrate bobbins, the nickel silver base plates, the maple spacers, the degaussed long cast magnets, the proper vintage screws, the unpotted nickel covers, etc, etc... and with all the punch, bloom, articulation, tone, and control that the original late 50's Kalamazoo pickups had in those famous Les Paul Bursts... and maybe just a little more!




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