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Les Paul’s Final Dream of the Ultimate Humbucker Pickup Comes to Life!

om Doyle was Les Paul's "Right Hand Man" for over 45 years - Tom was Les' very close friend, his personal guitar builder & repairman, his co-inventor, confidant, and his soundman, engineer, and show producer every Monday night for 27 years at Fat Tuesdays, then at the 2 Iridium Clubs in NYC... among many other things. Suffice it to say that two were very close and Les counted on Tom for all things guitars and sound for almost 5 decades. Most people don’t know this, but Les Paul was working very diligently in the last years of his life in an attempt to clean up the Humbucker pickup. He felt that the bottom end of the frequency response was muddy and unclear, and he fervently wanted to fix that. It seems everyone thinks that Les only had an interest in low-impedance pickups… but that is patently untrue and blatantly false.

Les had an incredible passion for making things “just right”... and would tinker, test, and experiment on things he wanted to fix, tirelessly - almost to the point of obsession. His constant passion towards the end of his life was for getting the high-impedance humbucker to come alive, and deliver that clarity that he so desired. As an homage to his long time friend and mentor, Tom Doyle and his friend Max Stavron have brought Les Paul's Dream of a clear, articulate, harmonically lively Humbucker pickup to life... READ MORE ABOUT TOM HERE






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TIME MACHINE #58 True Historic 1958 Cherry Burst


Les was working tirelessly in the last 5 or 6 years of his life to create the cleanest, clearest humbucker he could - and we have all of his experimental winds, all of his notes, labels, parts, etc... piles and piles of the stuff. Tom & Max pored over all of Les' notes, analyzed all the different experiments, measured the readings on all the prototypes, and kept chugging along in the direction Les was headed. You see, Les felt that if there was obviously going to be humbuckers in the famous guitar that bore his name, then by God, he wanted them to have clarity, sharpness, and sparkle... and not have that muddy bottom end that so many double coil high-impedance humbuckers have… and we did it!


uffice it to say that no expenses were spared, no corners were cut, nothing was left out with regard to the quality and wind spec of these beautiful PAF Humbucker pickups that Tom & his partner Max have made as an homage to our close friend and mentor. Made with the strictest adherence to vintage detail and era correctness... Every part, piece, magnet, screw and wire, etc. is the "REAL DEAL". Nickel Silver base plates, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, proper alloy slugs and fillister pole screws, long cast magnets that are gaussed by us, proper 42 gauge enamel coated wire, American made Vintage covers by the same manufacturer as the originals... you get the picture! Its all here...  like the Vintage Originals!




Tom Doyle has had the experience most guitar players could only dream of, working closely with Les Paul as his right hand man, guitar tech and co-inventor for over 45 years. It was said that Tom could hear the same things tonally that Les could and this ability has led to a set of PAF pickups that carry on the legacy of Mr. Les Paul. In the last few years of Les’ life, he never stopped in his pursuit to create a humbucker that was clean, clear and articulate. Les always loved the rich tone of a high impedance PAF but modern recreations always had too much mud for his taste. Now, thanks to detailed notes and prototypes passed from Les to Tom, TRU-CLONES PAF Humbuckers produce all the sonic qualities that Tom Doyle is certain his mentor and friend would have wanted in his own guitar. Sparing no expense, Doyle Coils are hand-made and custom wound entirely in the USA using a special recipe that has taken years to develop.


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"Tons of harmonics and overtones, as well as the ability to cut through a mix without being shrill. For a “Cinematic, HD-like” sonic quality..."

- Guitar Player Magazine


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Tom Doyle's Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker Pickups... The best of the best!

Tom Doyle was Les Paul's personal guitar tech, luthier, co-inventor, soundman, confidant, and "fixer" for 45 years... right up until the time of Les' passing. Suffice it to say that all that time at the side of "The Master" has given Tom the experience and know how that no one else on the entire planet can possibly have. He and Les Paul worked together refining and redefining what an electric guitar could and should sound like... a true labor of love that still lasts till this day. Now you can have a piece of that history. Many have come along and attempted to recreate the sound, look, feel, and tone of the famous '57 PAF Humbucker that is "the sound" in every tone chasers head throughout the world... and some have come close, others not so close. However, none have had the first hand knowledge, the actual day-to-day first person experience and the hands on background that Tom Doyle has. Tom is nothing less than a walking, talking historical encyclopedia of all things Les Paul, guitars, electronics, sound, and musical history from the last 50+ years... from the artists to the instruments, to the gear they were using, to the experiments they tried, and everything in between!  Tom has been called "The Luthier to the Stars". Want more info about Tom Doyle? Click here ~




Now Tom has picked up the torch, and as an homage to his friend and mentor, has continued The Legacy and developed these amazing artisan PAF Humbucker Pickups. They are the culmination of all that toil, all of that obsessive drive and purposeful intent. We honestly believe that Les would have been proud - and now bring these PAF pickups to you in honor of our friend, Mr. Les Paul… The Ultimate TRU-CLONES PAF Humbucker. Thank you Les, wherever you are… we love you, honor you, and know that without you none of this would even be remotely possible!



These pickups are hand made, one at a time in the USA with the very best & highest quality vintage correct components available. Get yours now... Supplies will be limited.




When you get a set of these Limited Edition Doyle Coils TRU-CLONES PAF '57 Humbuckers... Your Tone Quest just might be over!

These Vintage '57 PAF Humbucker Pickups are spot on Vintage recreations of the originals... Undeniable '57 PAF reproductions in every single way. Cosmetically of course – with all the proper Vintage components, electronics, all of it... The vintage 42 gauge wire, the butyrate bobbins, the nickel silver base plates, the maple spacers, the degaussed long cast magnets, the proper vintage screws, the unpotted nickel covers, etc, etc... and with all the punch, bloom, articulation, tone, sparkle, and control that the original late 50's Kalamazoo pickups had in those famous Les Paul Bursts... and maybe just a little more!



As close
to THE BEST REAL PAF you can get without spending thousands of dollars!


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